An open letter to NCIS: New Orleans

Dear NCIS: New Orleans:

There is a lot to thank you for, but first I want to  thank you, thank you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for portraying gay couples as typical people and typical couples in not one, but TWO EPISODES this season.  This gives me hope that we will soon start seeing change in the television world insofar as how the LGBT community is portrayed.  As a gay man preparing to be married this month, it’s wonderful to see this more and more.

In addition to you incredible repesentation of the LGBT community, the writing on the whole is nothing short of stellar.  I think you’ve taken all the best parts of your NCIS siblings and made a really great, well balanced production.

I’ve long been a fan of Scott Bakula and CCH Pounder and simply adore the gifts they bring to bare.  The rest of the ensemble is cast wonderful and I find all their characters to be fun and full of depth.  Lucas Black’s casting is brilliant.  Having Lasalle share Alabama roots with Lucas is absolutely genius.  Speaking as a South Georgia boy, it’s refreshing to not have to make myself muddle through another fakie accent that makes southerners sound like bumpkin idiots.  Zoe McLellan and Rob Kerkovich are equally talented and wreak of buy-in.  Plus, they just seem like nice folks.

My hope is that CBS will be able to see past the dollar signs as NCIS: NOLA continues to grow and mature.  It may not be ragingly profitable, but socially responsible, smart, emotionally balanced television always gets a good return on investment in the form of a well fed viewing public.

Fred Rogers used to say that television has a responsibility to nurture that which is good in the world.  Sure, there is crime and ugliness occationally in what you portray, but it resolves well and it’s honest. I suspect Fred would be proud of the work you do.

So thanks, NCIS: NOLA!  Thanks for doing what you do.  I hope you’re around for a long long time.

With Gratitude,

Eli Irvin

(Edit:  Changed some spelling.  I composed this on and posted from my iPhone.  It was that important that I get this out.)

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