contributorsAs with most things in life, The Website High Atop The Thing would be nothing without interested readers. That’s why the Guy High Atop The Thing, Eli Irvin, works very hard to write about subjects that you might find interesting and appealing without further massaging the news of the day. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to do that. So, Eli has decided that there needs to be some help high atop the thing from time to time.

WHATT is intended to be a community of people and stories that ordinarily get overlooked by mainstream and social media.  To this end, WHATT hopes to be able to attract contributors, known as ‘denizens‘. WHATT denizens will be invited to post articles and stories high atop the thing at least twice per month on any subject they like.  Submissions will be read, reviewed and edited for grammar, but never edited for content.  Eli does, however, reserve the right to make suggestions to the post or to reject it outright if it doesn’t meet with the high standards employed on WHATT.

At current, WHATT has only one contributor; Eli himself.  If you think that you would like to get the site even higher atop the thing, then you should feel free to

Thanks so much for your support for the WHATT community.  We hope to be seeing you lots and hearing from YOU!!