It’s never a good idea to not follow Tech Support suggestions…

This is a satire of an actual phone conversation that was had with an actual person.  The subject matter has been changed to protect me and only me.

User: I need help with drawing a red line
Tech Support: Ok… Do you have a red marker?
U: Uhhh….  I don’t know. How can I tell?
T: Well, what other markers do you have?
U: My end-user is trying to draw a red line with a red marker, but the line won’t appear.
T. So she has a red marker?
U: I assume so, yes.
T: Has she removed the cap?
U: I’m not sure. How do you do that?
T: May I hold the marker for a moment so that I can demonstrate it for you?
U: No you may not. This is my marker and I would like to stay in control of it.
T: Alright, how about I let you hold the marker, then I’ll guide you on how to remove the cap?
U: No.
T. Ok.  Is there someone else present who can work the marker for you?
U: I’m not comfortable with giving that kind of power to someone else.  I’ll keep trying to get the red line to appear for her. abruptly hangs up
We let these people vote and use computers.  Why?

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