Media may not be the enemy of the people, but they sure don’t care about regular people in small town America.

To borrow an inflection from Sean Spicer, mass media is singularly focused on ratings.  PERIOD!  I defy any media outlet to convince me otherwise.

On January 23rd, an EF3 tornado ripped through Southwest Georgia killing 14 people and injuring 50.  Most people in the Radium Springs neighborhood of Albany, GA lost their homes or at least suffered catastrophic damage which will take months to repair.  One family that is lucky to be alive is very dear to my heart; The Reverend Father Bill Stewart, his wife Sharon, his sister-in-law Christine and his oldest son, Ryan.

These are some pictures from the scene…

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This tornado was 1.25 miles wide at the base and had sustained winds of 150 miles per hour.  Everyone who was in the path of this storm is damned lucky to be alive.  If not for local coverage by WALB-TV and other surrounding stations, no one would have known that this ever happened.

The above said, I was angered beyond belief that USA Today, NBC’s Today Show and MSN couldn’t be bothered when this happened.  I went back and checked.  USA Today posted a few pictures of the aftermath.  MSN & The Today Show though…  nothing to be found from them.

This is not even the real problem I have.  Large mass media organizations cannot possibly cover every single thing that happens in a day.  They just can’t.  I accept that.  What I don’t except is the fact that some how they have time to cover a tweet from Carrie Underwood following a little EF0 tornado that wrecked Carrie Underwood’s chimney and brought down some limbs.

Report from The Today Show

Report from MSN

Report from USA Today

I don’t know Carrie and I hope that she’s a lovely person. I’m sorry that she had this experience & I’m glad she’s ok.  BUT….

IT’S NOT NEWSWORTHY!  If Carrie’s twitter followers care, then good for them.  They can read about it from Carry on Twitter.  I’ll be the first to tell you though that I and thousands of other people don’t give a rats ass that her “chimney is currently in [her] driveway”

Recently Donald Trump has been calling the media “an enemy of the people.”  This statement tells us what we need to know about Donald Trump and how he feels about freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  I don’t even remotely believe that the press is an enemy, but I am certain that major media outlets such as MSN, NBC, USA Today and others are not putting regular people first.  I would bet five dollars that not one journalist with those organizations has ever asked themselves, “I wonder if John Q. Average American is ok.  How can we report on this such that it will help him and be more than a ratings boost?”

Is mass media an enemy of the people?  No.  Definitely not.  As a whole though, they sure as hell don’t care about you or me.  They care about readership, ratings and keeping their corporate sponsors happy.  That lack of caring is how you get non-stories about Carrie Underwood and not about Father Bill Stewart of Albany, GA.

Get your head out of your ass PRESS!  I’m talking to all of you.




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