I’d like an order of love with a side of compassion, please.

I started to write the following on my Facebook wall earlier –

I think I’ve finally transitioned from anger to sadness. Not only does my President not like me, but apparently neither do Senators Lindsey Graham or Tim Scott. 

What is it? Is it that I’m not rich enough to be considered a valuable member of this society? Is my tendency to remain a law-abiding citizen not enough to call for your protection and defense of me? Is it that corporations more useful to you than I am? Is it that I’m gay? Is it that I’m not giving to your campaigns to stay in power? What have I done?

Just once, please, be honest with me and tell me point-blank why you work so hard to keep me, my husband and my friends so sick and so poor. We don’t expect nor do we want everything to be done for us by government. It would be nice however,in addition to life, liberty and happiness were just a tiny bit easier to come by.

Then a brake handle was pulled in my mind. I stopped quickly and aborted the post. I looked around my modest apartment and saw that…

  • my refrigerator and pantry are stocked with nourishing food
  • I have a plush bed to sleep in at night
  • I have a job where my work is valued and I am paid a fair wage
  • there are two vehicles parked out front, both owned by me
  • I am am typing this on a fairly nice laptop
  • my pets are well fed.
  • I’m not suffering from unmanageable sickness, nor am I dying.
  • I have the freedom to be as vocal and critical of my government as I want, though no one really reads it.
  • I am surrounded by friends and family who love me and my husband without question

So being that I am so fortunate, why in the world should I care about anything that is going on within my government? Why should it bother me that there are folks who make per day what I make in a year? Why should it bother me that my government sees fit to further enrich the uber rich and leave me where I am? Why should I care if it’s fair or not?

It matters to me because that for the abundance that I have, there are so many people in the world who don’t have any of these things. There are people in the United States tonight who are….

  • giving their child the last pack of ramen noodles in the pantry
  • there are people in Puerto Rico who are spending their 71st day sleeping on a cot in a shelter
  • being worked to death in a company call center where their contribution has no more value than how many phone calls they took that day & it’s never enough
  • told they don’t belong in this country by rich, white, over privileged people despite the fact that they and their parents and their grandparents were born here.
  • unable to get to and from work or to the hospital because they have no automobile and there is no public transportation available to them
  • unfamiliar with the internet and the power granted to individuals by it
  • unable to afford to care for people and animals who are even less fortunate than they are
  • suffering from easily treatable, curable diseases because they cannot afford the medication, much less the doctor’s visit
  • have absolutely no voice at all because their right to vote has been taken away due to fake voter fraud prevention
  • abandoned by their friends and family because they’re seen as being too needy, to sick or unworthy of their love for any number of reasons

I wish we’d get to a space where everyone – rich or poor, sick or well, powerful or meek, gay or straight, white or not – would ask these questions of themselves daily.

Of the things you do and the ideals you represent…

  1. Are you healing the sick?
  2. Are you feeding the hungry?
  3. Are you clothing & housing the poor?
  4. Are you giving comfort to those who are weak and scared?

If you can’t point to even one example where you’ve done this, then what you contribute to this country – to humanity – isn’t worth a whole lot. If in spite of that you still sleep well at night, then may God have mercy on your soul.


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