RANT – Do you read stuff before you say stuff?

I am just astounded by how little people pay attention to what they are doing. I dunno if it’s that they’re in too much of a hurry or just don’t care.

I send emails all day long in association with my job, and it clearly says, “Eli Irvin” in the From field of the message. However, I’ve gotten responses back from two different people today, one calling me Elvin, the other calling me Levy.

And we let these folks vote…


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  1. realmarklandry

    I mildly insulted someone who trolled one of my recent posts. I read their comment again later, turns out they were agreeing with me in a way that was over my head…

    • IrvinWithAnEye

      This happens to lots of folks. Were you able to make amends?

      • realmarklandry

        Fortunately their pretty objective, still involved, still posting comments…

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