Some of you really need to reevaluate your role in the whole of human existence.

For those of you that are for the rejection of refugee entry into the US…

And I mean this… 

From my very being…

I would absolutely take in any Syrian refugee that asked me. Period.  

I would take them in for the same reason you take in a relative who has been beaten up by their spouse.  

I would take them in for the same reason you take in a neighbor when their house gets blown away in a tornado.  

I would take them in because in my existence, socioeconomically, I’m seen as having very little. In actuality, I have a roof over my head, food in the freezer, clean clothes to wear and a government that isn’t trying to kill me because I vocally and publicly disagree with it. This is what you call an abundance of good fortune. 

If you’ve ever said or thought, “we can’t take those people in because ‘terrorism,’ ‘taking care of our own,’ ‘we can’t afford it,'” I challenge you to go look through all the pictures of DEAD CHILDREN…. foaming at the mouth…. then consider the following…  

Consider what you would be doing right now if your son or daughter or mom or dad were gassed by a fanatical government, bent on control of a people through fear and poverty. 

Consider what you would do if everyone you turned to for assistance turned away from you because there is a less than 10% chance that you might be a terrorist.  

I’m serious. Consider these things. Then you report back to me. I need to know where you stand.  

I’ll also put out something… being the devout Christian that I am, I haven’t framed this in a religious context at all. That’s because this isn’t a religious problem on either side… it’s a dignity and love of all humankind question.  

Seriously. Get back to me. I’ll be waiting. If you’d rather get back to me in private, send it to my email address. It’s listed in my profile if you don’t know what it is.  

And just because it does bear repeating…  

These are DEAD CHILDREN…. who did NOTHING WRONG!!!

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